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In order to ensure that your sleep time is comfortable and peaceful you bedding must be warm, soft and cozy. The factor which determines the quality of your bedding is its thread count which is equal to the number of vertical threads to the number of horizontal threads per inch. Bedding having a high thread count will prove to be more durable and comfortable as compared to low thread count. The 68 pick bedding is a popular choice among consumers because it is smooth and soft. You will find the best bedding having thread counts of 68 pick in our collection that will make your bed the cozy and warm.


We have a large range of bedding available. The customers can find all types of bedding made up of 68 pick thread count in our collection. The variety we offer include flat sheets, pillowcases, base valances, duvet covers, fitted sheets, deep fitted sheets and valance sheets. In our collection you can find products that are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These products are durable and comfortable.

Variety of Sizes and Colour:

In our versatile collection you can find bedding of all sizes. The sizes available in our collection are single, double, king and super king size. Our bedding collection is available in white, Cream, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Green, Black, Wine, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Mid Blue, Teal, Plum and Fuchsia.