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When you go shopping for towels you should know that not all towels are created equal. The term GSM refers to the thickness or density of a towel and higher the GSM, higher will be the softness and absorbency. If you are looking for extremely plush and cozy towels then take a look at our 700 GSM towels collection.

Available Sizes:

In our collection you will be able to find different sizes of towels. We offer bath sheet, gym towels, bath towels, face cloths and hand towels. You will find all the towels you need in our collection and won’t have to look anywhere else.


Our 700 GSM towels collection is made up 100 % cotton. They are of the best quality as they are highly absorbent and durable. They can withstand multiple washings and stay plush and soft for a long time.

Available Colours:

We also offer variety of colours so that the customers can select the colour that goes well with their bathroom setting. Our colour options include white, silver, and cream, latte, purple and brown. Our 700 GSM towel collection offers quality and aesthetic appeal. They will keep you warm and cozy and also give a luxurious touch to the bathroom.