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The towels are a bathroom accessory that is used on daily basis. You can find towels made up of different fabrics in the market. Bamboo towels are a popular option as they are luxurious and soft. These towels are durable and with good maintenance they can become softer over time. In our collection you will find gorgeous and plush bamboo towels. With our collection you won’t have to worry about the quality of the products.

Available Types:

You can find different types of towels made up of bamboo in our collection. In our bamboo collection you can find hand towel, bath towel, face towel and bath sheet. All these types are used regularly in bathroom and you can find the finest ones in our collection.

Material and Thickness:

Bamboo is an excellent material for the towels because it is soft, silky and fluffy. In our collection you will find towels made up of 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton. The thickness of the towels we offer is 600 GSM.

Colour Options:

You can find gorgeous colours in our collection. You can find white, cream, kingfisher, silver, charcoal grey and latte. You can add comfort and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom with these beautiful towels.