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When you are decorating the bathroom you should make sure that you create a balance between luxury and functionality. The bath mats are an excellent addition to the bathroom and they can make a huge difference to the look and comfort level of the bathroom. We have a great collection of bath mats that will make the bathroom beautiful and improve its comfort level.

The Range of Thickness:

The bath mats are used in the kitchen to offer a soft and dry floor space. They are absorbent which allows them to keep the floor dry. The thickness of the mats determines their absorbency. The range of thickness available in our collection includes 500 GSM, 700GSM, and 1000 GSM.


We offer only the best quality large bath mats that they can offer the comfort that you need and last a long time. In our collection, you can items that are made up of 100 % cotton and 100 % carded cotton yarn. There are different sizes of bath mats available in the market. In our collection, you can find 50 cm x 75 cm and 52 cm x 85 cm.

Available Colors:

The range of colors available in our collection includes white, pink and purple. You can select the color that works well with the bathroom setting.