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People spend one third of their life sleeping so it is important that you have a comfortable bed. You can find different types of pillows depending on the fill options, type, size, etc. Selecting the right pillow is important for sleeping peacefully. We have excellent bounce back pillows collection that will offer comfort to the sleeper.

Fabric and Filling:

The cover of the pillows available in our collection is made up of polycotton and 100 % cotton. These fabrics are soft and gentle on the skin which makes them an excellent choice for pillows. These pillows have spiral fiber filling which has the ability to bounce back and retain its shape which makes it firm. These pillows are durable as they do not go flat quickly and you can use them for a long time. The filing is excellent for people with allergies because it is anti-allergy.

Size and Weight:

Our bounce back pillows are available in standard size. The length of the standard sized pillow is 74 cm (29”) and the width is 49 cm (19”). The weight of the pillows can vary from 600 to 800 grams. We have high-quality and comfortable bounce back pillow collection that is worth your money.