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The towels are a versatile and they have a lot of uses. The towels are used in the bathroom as well as the kitchens. The towels are used for drying the hands and keep them clean and dry. There are a lot of different types of towels available in the market. The catering towels are a great investment and if you are looking for the best ones then you should take a look at our collection.

The Colour Options:

The catering towels are used in the kitchen so they offer an excellent opportunity to add colour to the place. In our collection you will find a lot of colour options including white, sky blue, royal blue, cream, navy blue, black, kingfisher, duck egg blue, peach, rose, pink, wine, grey, aubergine, dark brown, camel, yellow and red.

Towel Types:

The towel types in our collection include hand towels and guest towels. They are practical and a functional part of the house.

Material and Thickness:

The catering towels in our collection are made from the best material. Our towels are made up of 100 % cotton. They are soft, absorbent and durable. The thickness of the towels available in our collection is 400 GSM, 500 GSM and 600 GSM.