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The curtains play an important role in creating the look of the room. You can make or break the look of the room with the curtains that you choose. There are different aspects that you need to consider e.g the fabric, lining and the length that need to be considered when you are curtain shopping. If you are looking for best blackout curtains then you need to take a look at our collection.

The Material:

The window treatments are an important part of the room. If you want them to be an excellent addition to the room then you need to make sure that you invest in the best material. The satisfaction of the customers is our major concern so in our collection you will find items made up of 100 % polyester. It is a durable and beautiful material.

Available Sizes and Colour:

Curtains are available in a variety of different sizes. The size range that we offer includes 46 x 72″ (117 x 183 cm), 66 x 54″ (167 x 137 cm), 66 x 90″ (167 x 229 cm), 66 x72″ (167 x 183 cm) and 90 x 90” (229 x 229 cm). You should choose the size that is perfect for the setting of the room. We have a wide range of colors available so you can choose the ones that will look excellent with the setting of the room. The colors that we offer include black, teal, blue, green, purple, fuchsia, red, chocolate brown and silver.