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Sleeping is important because it rejuvenates the body, both mentally and physically. The quality is seep has a lot of impact on the quality of life so it is essential that you have the coziest bed. You can add extra comfort to the bed with the help of our cushion pads.

The Filling:

It is never a bad idea to add extra softness and comfort to the bed because it will improve the quality of sleep significantly. In our collection you will find pads that have hollowfiber filling. It is an excellent filling option as it makes the pads soft, comfy and anti-allergy. The fabric used for making the cove of the pads is corovin which adds makes them a durable investment. The white coloured collection is easy to maintain and wash.

The Size and Shapes:

We have an excellent collection of round cushion pads available. You can find pads in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find rectangular as well as heat shaped pads in our collection. The sizes available include 20×20 inches, 16 inches, 28×28 inches and 24×24 inches. The weight of the pads also differs with the size and shapes. Our cushion pads collection is an excellent investment.