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Our economy bathrobes are usually made up of cotton which has an amazing characteristic to absorb water quickly than any other material. This bathrobe keeps you warm and comfortable after your bath or shower and is also responsible for drying up your body quickly than any other material. Our collection of bathrobes is available in both luxury and economical category making it easier for you to choose any depending on their available budget.


We have a large range of bathrobes available in economical range. The customers can find all types of bathrobes made up of pure cotton in our collection. The varieties we offer include white Terry toweling dressing gowns and Terry toweling kimono bathrobes.


In our economy bathrobes collection you can find products that are made up of 100 % pure Terry toweling cotton. These products are durable and comfortable. Cotton consists primarily of cellulose which can absorb water so it is frequently used by pool, beach and after shower. Cotton material is especially very useful in summer as it can easily absorb perspiration.

Variety of Sizes and Colour

Our collection of luxury bathrobes is available in one size only. Our bathrobes collection is available in white and light pink colour. These light colours are versatile and easy to use and also matches well with a variety of colour schemes.