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In order to ensure a sound and comfortable sleep time luxurious and soft bedding is immensely important. A good night’s sleep ensures maximum productivity and enhanced performance throughout the day and an amazing duvet helps in achieving that goal.

Fabric and Filling

The goose down duvets are filled up with feather and goose down which provide you with an added warmth and serenity. These fillings are also very bulky and also very durable. The fabric used in these duvets is cambric cotton which is extremely lightweight and makes sure that the feathers don’t come out through the fabric.

Colour and Size

The goose feather & down duvets are available in white colour which is easy and effortless to accessorize and you can choose any desired contrast colours along with these duvets. The size options available for these duvets include single, double, king and super king. You can the size depending upon your convenience.

Tog Rating

The tog rating of duvets determines the level of warmth it provides. The goose feather & down duvets are available in three different tog rating options ranging from maximum to minim value so that you can use them in all the four seasons. The available Tog ratings include 10.5, 13.5 and 15 Tog.