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The hand towels are an essential addition to the bathroom. They are functional as they are used for drying hands but if displayed properly they can also be an excellent and affordable decorative accessory. We offer a collection of cheap hand towels that will not just offer comfort but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. You can choose from the bamboo collection or luxury plain towels or the institutional hotel collection.

Materials Of Hand Towels:

In our collection you will find the finest towels made up of best materials. Our collection includes 100 % cotton and 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton towels. The towels we offer are durable and are going to stay fresh and soft for a long time.

Available Colours:

There is an extensive variety of colours available including black, light grey, royal blue, navy blue, pink, purple, silver, red, dark brown, camel, truffle, lime green, dark green, charcoal grey, etc.


The thickness of the towels tells about its quality as the softness and absorbency depends on the thickness of the towels. They are available in varying thickness including 700 GSM, 600 GSM, 500 GSM, 450 GSM and 400 GSM. Scroll through our collection you will find only the best hand towels.