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The towels are an important part of a bathroom and they are not just used on domestic level but also in hotel and institutions like hospitals, care centers, etc. There are so many different towel options available in the market and it can be difficult to choose the best ones when you are looking to entertain and satisfy guests. If you are looking for the best hotel / institutional towels then take a look at our collection.

The Towel Types and Colour:

When you are entertaining people in a hotel or attending to them in caring centers or hospitals then make sure that you offer all the bath towels that can come in handy. In our collection you will have all the essential types that you will need. The collection includes hand towel, face towel, bath sheet, beach towel, bath towel and luxury plain towel. In our collection you will find white towels because the white colour is versatile and it is convenient to use.

Material and Thickness:

It is important for that the Hotel / Institutional Towels are easy and convenient to use. We offer towels made up of 100 % cotton. They are easy to wash and use. The thickness of the towels in our collection is 400 GSM, 500 GSM and 600 GSM.