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There is no better feeling than wrapping yourself in warm and cozy robes after taking a bath. There are so many different bathrobes that can make your life full of comfort and luxury. We have an excellent collection of kimono robes that are a great investment. The word kimono is Japanese language word and it refers to Japanese traditional garment. They are lighter in weight than our heavy gowns.


We offer only the best bathrobes in our collection so that the customers are satisfied with their investment. Our collection is made up of 100% terry toweling pure cotton. The material is perfect for bathrobes as it is soft and absorbent.


We have a versatile collection when it comes to the colours. The colour options that our collection has to offer includes white and light pink. These are beautiful and gorgeous colours.

Size and Weight:

Our collection includes a single size. The bathrobes do not need to be a perfect fit as they are easy to comfy to wear and are loosely designed. The specifications of the size that we offer are; shoulder 66cm, full width 145cm, sleeve 48cm and full length is 125cm.These robes are not very heavy because they are made up of lightweight fabric that is also breathable.

Type and Care:

Our collection of bridesmaid kimono robe is in luxury range. These robes are a great investment because they are comfortable and easy to keep new and fresh. These kimono robes are machine washable and they stay plush for a long time.