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The napkins are an important part of the dinner table. They are a practical addition as they serve different purposes. They are used for mopping up spills and clean hands and mouth. If you are looking highest-quality cotton napkins then you should take a look at our collection.

Available Colour:

They are a practical addition to the table but they can also be used to add colour and style to the table as well. In our collection you can find a lot of different colours like gold, lemon, sandalwood, red, white, navy blue, wedgewood, royal blue, black, dark green, seafoam, burgundy, dusky pink and ivory.


You can find variety of sizes in our collection. Our range includes 15×15″ (38×38 cm), 16×16″ (41×41 cm), 20×20″ (50×50 cm) and 22×22″ (56×56 cm). You can buy the size that is suitable for the table size.


We offer the best quality products to our customers. Our range is made of best material such as polycotton, 100 % cotton and 100 % polyester.

Design and thread Count:

We offer different designs of napkins UK like satin band, damask ivy leaf, damask rose and plain cloth. The thread count of our collection is 180 TC and 200 TC.