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The table linens are an important investment. They are important for the décor and safety of the tables. The table linens are used on daily basis as well as special occasions. If you are looking for best everyday table linen then you should take a look at our plain tablecloths collection. You will not be disappointed by the products that we have to offer.


In our collection you can find different types of tablecloths. We understand the needs of the customers and it is our aim to offer items that they need. In our collection you will find napkins, round tablecloths and easy iron tablecloths.

The Fabric and Thread Count:

The fabric used to make the tablecloths play an important role in determining their durability, look and feel. In our collection you will find the best material like 100 % cotton and 100 % polyester. The thread count of our collection can vary from 180 to 200.

The Colour Options:

The colour of the table linen are significant for the setting its tone. Before selecting the colour you need to consider the convenience and setting. In our plain tablecloths collection you will find white, burgundy, ivory and black tablecloths.