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The tablecloths are an important part of a good dining experience because they help in creating a beautiful setting. You can choose from variety of designs and colours to create the perfect environment. If you are looking to add elegance and sophistication to the tables then you should take a look at our satin band tablecloths.


It is important to choose the tablecloths according to the occasion. For a special occasion you need to choose the ones that go well with festivity of the occasion. In our collection you will find tablecloths made of 100 % cotton. It is a beautiful and durable fabric that makes the satin band design look gorgeous.

Available Sizes:

We have plenty of sizes available in our collection. The variety of sizes we offer include 22×22” (56×56 cm), 35×35” (89×89 cm), 45×45 (114x114cm), 54×54” (137×137 cm), 54×70″ (137×178 cm), 54×90” (137×229 cm), 54×108” (137×274 cm), 63×63” (160×160 cm), 70×70” (178×178 cm), 70×90” (178×229 cm), 70×108” (178×274 cm), 70×144” (178×366 cm) and 90×90” (229×229 cm).

Colour and Range:

We offer economy range on our satin band tablecloths. The colour option is white as it is a versatile and elegant. The colour works well with different settings and other colour options.