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A good sleep hygiene play a vital role in a peaceful and sound sleep time and it majorly depends upon the quality of bedding and duvets. The ideal duvets to use in any environment where risk factors might be present these waterproof & flame retardant duvets provide the best solution.


These amazing duvets are available in two types which include green tint and waterproof and flame retardant duvets. Both these types are comprised of various features which aid the users in experiencing a high quality sleep time.

Fabric and Filling

The fabric types used in these waterproof and flame retardant duvets include polypropylene and polyurethane fabric. Both these types are very light in weight and flexible to use so that you can get all night long comfort sleeping in these duvets.

Colour and Range

These duvets are available in white and green colour available in two ranges which include economy and luxury range. You can buy any of these ranges depending on the budget you have for your duvet.

Size and Tog Rating

The size options available for these amazing waterproof and flame retardant duvets include single and double. The tog rating determines the warmth these duvets provide and the waterproof & flame retardant duvets are available with a tog rating value of 10.5.