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A functional and beautiful bathroom will have all the essential accessories and towels is one of the most important ones. Investing in high-quality towels is always a wise decision because they enhance the comfort level and aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. The 600 GSM towel bales that we offer are the best you will find.


The customer satisfaction is our priority so in our collection you will find only the best products. In our collection you will find towels that are made up of 100 % cotton and 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton. These towel bales are absorbent and soft. With 600 GSM they are also plush and perfect for adding a luxurious touch the bathroom.


In our towels bales you will find all the essential types as our sets include bath sheets, bath towels, face towels and hand towels.

Bales Set:

In our 600 GSM collection you will find bale sets that are 4 piece, 5 piece, 6 piece, 8 piece, 9 piece, 10 piece and 12 piece sets.

Colour Options:

We have a variety of colours available including cobalt, purple, white, grey, cream, kingfisher, latte, silver and truffle. You can choose the colour that is best for your bathroom setting.