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500 GSM Bales
600 GSM Bales
700 GSM Bales

The towels are a functional accessory and they also add style to the bathroom. When you invest in high-quality towels you will find then practical to use and also an aesthetic addition to the bathroom. Make sure that you invest in different types of towels so that you can have a luxurious bathroom. We have a great collection of towel bales that are definitely worth your money.

The Weight Range:

There are a lot of different things that you need to think about when you go towel shopping. The quality of the towels is determined by a variety of things and one of them is the weight. The weight determines the absorbency of the towels. The weight range of the luxury towel bales that we offer includes 500 GSM, 600 GSM, and 700 GSM.

The Types:

The towels bales include a variety of types and all of them are useful. The cheap towel bales that we offer include bath towels, hand towels, and face cloths. All of these types are a functional part of the bathroom. Investing in our collection will save you the trouble of looking for different types of towels and buying them individually.

Available Colors:

There are different colored towels available in our collection like a latte, kingfisher, grey towel, white, purple, blue and cream.