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A nice, comfortable and well-designed bathroom is an essential part of a house and the towels play an important role in adding comfort to the bathroom. Make sure that you add plush and soft towels as they will make the place look beautiful and be cozy. We have an excellent collection of 700 GSM towel bales set that are worth your money.


In our collection you will find the best quality towels because we put comfort and satisfaction of the customers above everything else. Our collection of towels is made up of 100 % cotton. It is an excellent material because it is soft and gentle on the skin. The cotton material is also easy to maintain as it is machine washable. It can stay fluffy and new even after regular washings.

The Bale Set:

Our collection of 700 GSM bales set includes sets that contain 4 pieces, 5 pieces, 6 pieces, 8 pieces, 9 pieces, 10 pieces and 12 pieces. In the sets that we offer you will find different types of towels including bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels and face towels.

Colour Options:

We have a variety of colour options to offer in our collection. The options include brown, silver, purple, white, and cream, latte, chocolate and brown.