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The weight of the towels is one of the indications of its quality. While buying towels it is important to consider GSM which refers to the weight of the towel. We have an excellent 600 GSM towels that are soft, cozy and beautiful.

Available Sizes:

If you want to make sure that you invest in the right towels then you should know about the different sizes. Each available size has a different purpose to serve. In our collection you will find different sizes including hand towel, bath sheet, facecloth, gym towels and bath towel.


The material used for making the towels plays a significant role in determining the quality or look of the towels. In our 600GSM collection you will only find the best quality towels. They are made up of 100 % cotton and 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton blend. These towels will not disappoint you.

Colour Option:

Selecting the colour of the towels is also important decision as you want them to match the setting of the bathroom. In our collection you will find variety of colours including cobalt, cream, grey, kingdfisher, latte, purple, white, truffle and silver. Scroll through our collection and you will be able to find the highest-quality towels that will add comfort and aesthetic appeal to the bathroom.