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The towels are an accessory. They are used at homes, in hotels, hospitals, gyms and institutions such as care homes. They offer comfort and convenience which makes them an important accessory. If you are looking for affordable and high-quality care home towels then you should take a look at our collection.

Available Types:

In our collection you can find all types of types that are used in a care home. They can offer comfort that is required by the care homes. Our range includes hand towel, face towel, bath sheet, bath towel, luxury plain towel and guest towel.

Material and Thickness:

We believe in offering only the best quality products to the customers. Our care home towels are made up of 100 % cotton which is soft and comfortable. They are also durable and easy to take care of. The thickness of towels in our collection is 700 GSM, 600 GSM, 500 GSM and 400 GSM.

The Colour Options:

We have a lot of colour options available so that the clients can select the colour that they like. Our colour options include yellow, white, black, red, dark green, sky blue, aubergine, dark brown, wine, light grey, truffle, chocolate brown, camel, steel grey, grey, latte, silver, purple, rise, pink, peach, cobalt, duck egg blue, kingfisher, royal blue, navy blue and cream.