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Duvet is a type of bedding that is a soft flat bag filled with wool, feathers or other synthetic material. Duvet cover is a protective layer over duvet. As usually duvets are expensive so removable covers protect it from getting dirty and you can easily wash them. You can find variety of duvet covers in our collection.


There is an extensive range of colours available in our collection. Double duvet covers are available in light green, dark green, light sky blue, light blue, navy blue, maroon wine, wine, chocolate brown, cream, white, black, teal turquoise, pink and plum dark purple colour.

Range and Size:

The range of products available in our collection includes economy, easy care and luxury range. We have a number of sizes to offer as well. Our collection includes single, double, king and super king so that you can choose between them according to your necessity.


Duvet covers should be easy and convenient to use as you have to wash them regularly. Our collection includes items made up of 100% cotton, poly cotton and flame retardant.

Design and Thread Count:

The design of our collection include satin stripe. The thread count is an important consideration while investing in high quality items. The thread count of our collection includes 180TC, 200TC, 56 pick and 68 pick.