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Duvets and pillow are great investment so you have to protect it from getting dirty and damaged from fire or liquid. In these busy times you don’t have enough time to take care of your duvet or pillow so you require their protectors which can easily get removed and are washable. In order to purchase a high quality duvets & pillow protectors you must take a look at our collection.

Colour and Size:

Our collection of pillow and duvet protectors is available in white and green colour only. The quilted pillow protectors and waterproof and flame retardant green tint pillow protectors are available in one size only but water proof and frame retardant duvet protector is available in single and double sizes.


The fabric used in quilted pillow protectors is 65% polyester and 35% cotton cover and filling inside it is 100% polyester. The water proof duvet and pillow protectors are made up by poly propylene. They are water proof as well as flame retardant. You can easily wash these duvet and pillow protectors. In this busy life you don’t have enough time to protect duvet and pillows so flame retardant and water proof duvet and pillow protectors are really helpful.