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The bedding is important for creating a comfortable bed. The quality of the sleep depends on the bedding that you invest in. The pillows are a critical part of the bedding.

There is a wide range of pillows available in the market and it is important that you understand your requirements so that you can select the right ones. We have the best easy care pillows to offer tour customers.


In our collection you will find standard sized pillow. The width of the standard sized pillow is 48 cm (19”) and the length is 74 cm (29”).

Fabric and Fill Option:

The quality and comfort level of a pillow depends on the fabric and the fill option that is used in pillow. Our easy care collection offer pillows that have hollow fiber filling. It is an excellent fill option because it is soft yet firm and it is also anti-allergy. The fabric used for the pillows is polypropylene.


Our easy care pillows are available in white colour. The white colour is easy to take care of as you can see the spills and stains clearly. Take a look at the pillows that we have to offer and you will only find the best quality.