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The pillows are a critical part of the bedding as they make the bed comfortable to sleep. Selecting the right firm support pillows are important for comfort and health. The pillow you choose should be suitable for your sleeping position so that they offer adequate support to the head, neck and spine. We have excellent firm pillow collection that is a great investment.

Filling and Fabric:

It is our first aim to make sure that our clients get the best pillows so that they can enjoy peaceful sleep. In our collection you will find pillows that have a filling of 100 % polyester hollowfiber with a layer of foam. The pillows are soft and have the ability to provide the support the body needs. The fabric of the pillow is made up of polycotton. The fabric is an excellent choice because it is gentle on the skin and soft. Polycotton is also easy to wash and maintain.

Available Size:

To get good night’s sleep it is important that you choose the right size. In our firm pillow collection you will find standard sized pillows. The specifications of our pillows are 48 cm x74 cm (W x L). The firm pillows that we offer are perfect for getting a relaxed sleep.