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If you are willing to create a cozy bed then you need to make sure that you have the bedding. The pillows are a critical part of the bedding. Selecting the right pillow will offer comfort and keep you away from serious health issues. Our collection of green tint pillows is an excellent investment.

Filling and Fabric:

We believe in offering only the best products to our customers. In our collection you will find pillows that have a cover made up of polypropylene. It has an excellent choice of fabric. The filling of the pillows in our collection is hollowfiber polyester. The pillow is soft yet firm so it has the ability to provide adequate support and make sure that people get good sleep. These pillows are easy to maintain because its fabric and filling are easy to wash.

Available Size:

In our green tint pillow collection you will find standard sized pillows. The standard size works for most people. The specifications of the standard size pillows are 48 cm x 74 cm (W x L).


The green tint pillows we offer come with excellent features. They are waterproof and flame retardant which makes them a safe and healthy investment.