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If you like to work out or you are a proud owner of a gym then you need to make sure that you are fully prepared. The gym towels are an important part of the gym because nobody likes to get their shirt soaked in sweat as it is not nice or comfortable. These towels are not just used for drying the body but also for keeping the gym equipment clean, hygienic and free of sweat. You will find the best sweat towels in our collection.

Gym Towels Material:

The gym towels should be able to dry off quickly and they should be soft. People sweat a lot while exercising and they do not want to have irritating skin at the end of the work out because of rough towels. In our collection you will find towels made up of 100 % cotton and a blend of 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton.


The absorbency of the towels depends on the thickness. Our collection offers towels with a thickness of 500 GSM, 600 GSM and 700 GSM.

Colour Options:

There is an extensive variety of colours available in our collection. The colour options you will find include white, black, cream, royal blue, sky blue, navy blue, kingfisher, cobalt, wine, pink, purple, charcoal grey, silver, light grey, chocolate brown, latte and brown.