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The table linens are an important investment. They help in setting the tone of the table and keep the table safe from scratches and spills. The tablecloths will keep the tables safe and make them look spectacular as well. Our gorgeous collection of ivy leaf tablecloths is an excellent addition to the tables.

The Colour:

In our collection you will find white tablecloths. The white colour is an excellent choice because it is versatile. It will work on almost any occasion and you can pair any other colour with it while setting the table. It is sophisticated and an elegant choice.

Available Size:

We have a wide range of sizes available in our collection. The sizes in our collection include 22×22″ (56×56 cm), 35×35” (89×89 cm), 45×45” (114×114 cm), 54×54” (137×137 cm), 54×70″ (137×178 cm), 54×90” (137×229 cm), 54×108” (137×274 cm), 63×63” (160×160 cm), 70×70” (178×178 cm), 70×108” (178×274 cm), 70×144” (178×366 cm) and 90×90” (229×229 cm).

Material and Range:

In our collection you will find the luxury range. Our ivy leaf tablecloths are made up of 100 % cotton. They are soft, absorbent and durable. It is easy to keep them fresh and new for a long time. Scroll through our collection and you will not be disappointed.