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A good night’s sleep helps you to enjoy a relaxed and active state of mind throughout the day. The physical and mental fitness of a person depends majorly on the quality of sleep you get each night and luxury hollow fibre duvets serve this purpose.

Fabric and Filling

The material used in the filling these amazing luxury hollow fiber duvets is hollowfiber. The duvets which contain this filling are very lightweight making them easy to carry and the material is also very supple and flexible making it easy to handle. The fabric used in them is polycotton fabric which is easy to wash and simple to handle.

Sizes and Colour

These duvets are available in white colour providing you with a perfect balance of masculine and feminine based colour scheme of your room. There are different sizes for luxury hollow fiber duvets and you can select any depending on your bed set size. The sizes include single, double, king and super king.

Tog Rating

The level of warmth these amazing duvets provide to you depends on their tog rating vale. Suitable to be used in all the four seasons i-e summer, autumn, winter and spring the options available have a tog rating values of 4.5 Tog, 10.5 Tog, 13.5 Tog and 15 Tog.