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The choice of pillows can have a huge impact on quality of sleep. It is important that you choose pillows that are perfect for your sleeping style and offer seamless support to the neck and spine. Finding the perfect pillow is important and you can find the best ones in our luxury hollowfibre pillows collection.

Filling and Fabric:

We believe in offering the best quality pillows to our clients so that they can enjoy peaceful sleep. Our pillows have hollow fiber polyester filling. The filling has the ability to retain its shape which means that it will stay soft and maintain its firmness for a long time. The fabric of the pillow cover is made up of polycotton. The blend of cotton and polyester is soft and gentle against the skin. The polycotton cover and hollow fiber polyester makes them anti-allergy which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers.

The Size and Colour:

Our luxury hollow fiber pillow collection offers standard sized pillow. The width of the pillows is 48 cm (19”) and its width is 74 cm (29”). We offer pillows in classic white colour. The white colours pillows are easy to maintain and care for. Check out our collection of luxury hollow fiber pillows to invest in the best ones.