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If you want to enjoy peaceful sleep then it is important that you have a comfortable bed. Investing in good quality bedding is essential for comfort. If you want to protect your high-quality bedding then you should use protectors. We have a great collection of mattress protectors that will keep the mattresses clean and safe from allergens like bugs, dirt, dust mites, etc. If you want to make sure that you get the best protectors then take look at our collection.


Our collection of 4ft mattress protector is made up of poly cotton and poly propylene. They are water proof protectors and the terry toweling is made up by 50% polyester and 50 % cotton terry toweling. Along with being waterproof they are also flame retardant so they are perfect for creating a safe environment. Our collection is quilted so it provides extra comfort and protection.


Our collection is available in a variety of sizes including single, double, king size, super king size and 4 ft. bed size. Mattress protectors are easy to put on and remove. If you have to buy a extra deep mattress protector you should know exactly the dimensions of mattress. You have to put it on mattress with elastic bands in all four corners.


The depth of mattress protectors in our collection is 9 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches. Before buying the protector you must know exact depth of the mattress you use so that you can buy the right one.