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Microfibre duvets offer you with an amazing choice to enjoy a comfortable sleep time .These duvets are comprised of microfiber fillings containing a huge number of ultra-fine polyester strands which are stranded with each other very precisely and are responsible for trapping n the warmth throughout the night. These duvets are very convenient for domestic use and you can wash them easily at home.

Tog Rating

The tog rating value of a duvet determines its ability to trap air and keep you cozy and warm during the night. A high tog value represents high warmth making such duvets suitable for use in winter season. The tog values available at our store range from a low tog rating of 4.5 suitable for summers, 10.5 tog suitable for spring, 13.5 tog suitable for autumn and 15 tog suitable for winter season.

Size and Colour

The bed size choices of people varies from person to person so these amazing micro fiber duvets are made available in four different sizes which include single, double, king size and super king size mentioned in ascending order of dimensions. Micro fiber duvets are available in white colour which is an ideal colour as it provides you with a wide range of options to contrast with. It also gives your bedroom a soft, elegant and decent look.