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If you want to create an impressive dining experience then you need to make sure that you have a beautiful table setting. You can find tablecloths suitable for every occasion in market. They are made up of a variety of fabrics. We have a gorgeous collection of polycotton tablecloths that will make your table look beautiful.


Polycotton is a blend between polyester and cotton. Our collection includes tablecloths that are made up of 50% cotton and 50 % polyester. It is a beautiful fabric that is also durable which makes it a great investment.


There are different types of tablecloths available in our collection. You can find napkins in our collection as well. Our collection can be used in catering, restaurant and hotel industry. They can be used in weddings as well.

Design and Colour:

Our polyester tablecloth collection includes plain design. We offer plain white tablecloths that are an excellent choice for creating a sophisticated and elegant table. The white colour is an excellent choice as it can be paired with any other colour and works for almost every theme. Take a look at the polyester tablecloths available in our collection and you will find the best quality items for your table.