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The tablecloths are the foundation of a beautifully set table. The tablecloths are not just used for protecting the table but also decorating it. The tablecloths are available in a variety of fabrics. In our collection you will find the best polyester tablecloths.


The tablecloths are an extremely useful accessory when it comes to setting and decorating the table. In our collection you can find tablecloths suitable for using in catering, restaurant, hotels and wedding. In our collection you can find napkins and tablecloths.


Our collection of polyester tablecloths UK includes plain and damask rose design. In our collection you can find tablecloths to use in formal and informal events.


Our tablecloths are made up of 100 % polyester so they are of best quality. The fabric is durable and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the table.

Available Colours:

We offer a range of colours in our collection. The colours in our collection include seafoam, wedgewood, red, royal blue, white, sandalwood, navy blue, gold, lemon, ivory, black and burgundy. The wide range of colours allows you to choose the colour that is perfect for your setting. Scroll through our collection of polyester tablecloths and you will not be disappointed because we offer only high-quality products.