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Shawl collar keeps you warm and comfortable after your bath or shower and also dry your body quickly. They are very easy to pack so you can take it anywhere when you are in rush. The soft material used gives consumer a real relaxation. They are great investment and if you are willing to buy a high quality shawl collar bathrobes then you should take a look at our collection.


In our collection of you will find items made up of 100% Terry toweling pure cotton. This pure cotton gives it softness and good absorbency. You will find our collection stylish and comfy.


You can find white, black, navy blue and light grey colour available in our collection. These different stylish colours give consumers opportunity to choose the colour that they prefer.

Size and Weight:

There is only single size available in our collection of. The specifications of the size we offer are; 67.5cm, full width 145cm, sleeve 55cm and full length is 125cm. Their weight is approximately 1400gm to 1500gm.

Type and Care:

In our shawl collar collection you will find terry toweling bathrobes. Our collection is machine washable at 40 degree Celsius and you can tumble dry it.