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No bed is complete and comfortable without proper pillows. If you do not have the right pillows then you will wake up with head and neck pain. It is important that you have a pillow that can offer the right support to the body and neck. Our waterproof flame retardant pillows are a great investment as they will make your bed the coziest and safest place.

Available Size:

In our collection you will find standard sized pillows. To select the right pillow size you need to know its specs and the specs of our pillows are 48 cm x 74 cm (W x L).

Fabric and Filling:

The filling of the pillows and fabric used for its cover plays an important role in determining the comfort level of the bed. Our pillows have a covering made up of polypropylene. The pillows have a filling of hollowfiber polyester. The filling is easy to maintain and it is durable as well.


As clear from the name our waterproof-flame retardant pillows will keep you safe from spills and flames. They are an excellent choice as they will make the bed safe and clean. In our collection you can find white pillows and green tint pillows.